Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Flyers, flyers, flyers...

With the exception of the blue-colored header, there wasn't a whole lot of similarities between my paper-flyer and my Smore-flyer, despite my having created the Smore-flyer first, which was suggested in the instructions for the assignment. Part of it has to do with the mediums, I suspect–Smore is a very specific program, and anything that is created within it is inherently going to abide by a certain set of principals, while Word is by design much less structured and, in turn, a bit more freeing to play around with.

As I mentioned, with the Smore-flyer, I basically just filled out the template that was provided, injecting personality where I could (the aforementioned color blue; the book covers; the link to the Banned Books Week YouTube page). With the paper-flyer, I tried to be a bit more experimental, and decided to have the main focus of the page be a picture of novel, opened wide, with all of the words blacked out and censored, and the single word 'BANNED' pasted loudly over it. Then, on the lower portion of the page, I detailed the where, when, what... My thinking in doing this was birthed mainly from the sad truth that most paper flyers are rarely't even looked at, let alone read over and examined. To get eyeballs to actually stay on the flyer and process the information on it, there needed to be something special, something deliberately showy. The picture of the censored novel with 'BANNED' pasted over it proved to be that 'something.'

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