Monday, August 11, 2014


For my pathfinder assignment, I decided to focus in on a resource/tool that I have become increasingly passionate about over the course of the last year or so–eBooks and eReaders–and attempted to create an "introduction" of sorts to the medium, laying out not only the specific forms that eBooks come in, but also–more specifically–what role they look to play in libraries' futures.

What I really like about Blendspace–both as a "pathfinder" tool and just as an instrument in and of itself–is the way that it allows you to chart out each and every step of the presentation, in accordance with exactly how you would like to have it delivered. While the site more or less presents itself as an educational tool, meant primarily for teachers and students, I could totally seem myself using Blendspace in a corporate setting, just as much as I could see myself using Powerpoint or Prezi.

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  1. I would agree - I think Blendspace could be used in a corporate setting. The clean lines and the step by step nature would work in that kind of setting.