Monday, August 11, 2014


For my database tutorial assignment, I decided to use QuickCast as my application, in order to create a short video demonstrating the use of Pocket, an application I discovered via this class that I have  come to absolutely love. Pocket essentially lets you save and download any web article that you like for later reading. For me, as someone who seems like I am always waiting in some form or fashion–taking the Metra, waiting in line at the grocery store, etc.–it's a huge boon, letting me catch up on all of my bookmarked articles during times that I would ordinarily spend just...well, waiting.

As far as QuickCast goes, while I was initially apprehensive about approaching yet another high-tech web application, I found the screencasting tool to be absolutely fantastic–intuitive, simple, and–most importantly–actually rewarding. It felt good to create a video for others in which I got to explain an application that I've come to love...and to do it in a way that was so professional and so easy to do was, in a weird way, strangely fulfilling.

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