Monday, August 11, 2014


I won't lie: out of all of the assignments that we have completed so far for this class, the 'digital storytelling' project–in which we created a video via iMovie–has been by far the toughest yet. It has also been, however, the most rewarding.

Prior to this class, I had never even touched iMovie, or any software even remotely similar to it. So, when we were assigned to create a video that served as a promotional tool for some sort of material, I had no idea where to even begin. Yet over the course of several panicky, exciting, stress-filled days, I slowly got a handle on iMovie–all of its various ins and outs, design quirks, capabilities, controls and commands–and was able, with the help of group members Sue and Jenny, to create a video promoting our "Thing That Move" Makerspace. It might not win any Oscars...but darn it, if I'm not insanely proud of what we were able to make.

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  1. and that --> "if I'm not insanely proud of what we were able to make." is why I LOVE this tool. Great job!