Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Makerspace Inventory

Writing the Makerspace inventory was a fun, albeit slightly overwhelming process. Having to take the entire project's inventory into consideration is hard enough, but having to then also elaborate on what our aims as a group were, who we were specifically trying to target, why we chose the concepts and materials that we was this more 'contextual' material that proved to be the hardest stuff to really nail down and articulate inside of a compelling paper.

My group members, Sue and Jenny, did a great job divvying up the information and shooting it my way. Our "process" involved both Sue and Jenny finding the requisite information on our Makerspace materials, then sending said information over to me, where I  crafted the paper that we then collectively used as our "guide" to creating the Prezi presentation. Looking over both the paper and the presentation, I'm proud of what we accomplished: we had a really good core idea for the Makerspace, we set up a four-week class that had distinct aims and goals, and we even came in under budget. All in all, while tough at times to juggle all of the various strands of the paper, I think that writing the Makerspace inventory was a rewarding exercise, as well as a nice "first step" into the overall "Makerspace" concept.

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