Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A passion for eBooks...

Over the course of my time at Dominican, I’ve discovered a passion for eBooks that I didn’t know existed–more specifically, a passion for eBooks within the library. I have yet to encounter a library–either public or academic–that seemed completely comfortable with eBooks, both in how they operate as well as in how to integrate them into the library’s circulation. This, in turn, leads to confusion for those patrons who would like to attempt to dip into the eBook field…but since their library seems just as confounded as they are regarding eBooks, they are essentially left with a nifty eReading device that they basically have no clue of how to use.

For my brochure, I decided to focus on eBooks, taking my own library’s digital offerings–via the program OverDrive–and creating a simple, step-by-step instructional guide for users to use when they want to check out digital items. I’m fairly proud of my brochure, and have already talked to the Adult Circulation manager at my library about handing them out to patrons who come in with questions. I’m hopeful that not only will the brochure help to give patrons a better sense of confidence when it comes to handling their eReader, but will also give my library a feeling of competency towards this newly emerging medium that they have yet to have obtained.

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  1. I love that you have reached out to your library to see if they could use the resource that you created!