Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Prezi: A Love Affair

I very much enjoyed my time working with Prezi. Not only was I impressed by its sleek presentation, but I was particularly taken aback by its functionality. This isn’t to say that I was expecting Prezi to be inaccessible or difficult to use, because I wasn’t. However, I also wasn’t expecting Prezi to completely trump every other major ‘presentation’ software that I’ve ever used–Powerpoint, Google Tools, etc.

By far my favorite thing about Prezi was the way that it allowed my group and I to work on our presentation simultaneously. Seeing my partners Jenny and Sue tinkering with various aspects of the presentation as I myself worked on it at the same time was incredibly cool, and made communicating with them about specific choices very easy.

I will say this against Prezi: it’s a lot of fun, both to work with and to watch presentations created with it. However, as much as I liked the ‘road mural’-structure of our presentation, I’m not sure how much I would be able to use it in, say, a corporate setting, as opposed to a school setting, where the flashy colors and cute graphics would enhance the viewer’s enjoyment of the presentation’s information, as opposed to distracting from it, as they might in a corporate setting.

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