Friday, July 18, 2014


Overall, I was really impressed with both the template for the () and the way that the technology allowed me, Sue, and Jenny all to edit and collaborate together at the same time.

We split up the group work into three sections: Sue took the School Improvement page, Jenny took the Literacy Culture page, and I took the Contact Us page. While there's an innate limit to just how much you can fit inside a Contact Us page, I did try to give it a proper facelift: I deleted what information was there and replaced it instead with a list of the three of ours email addresses, with the offer being that, should anyone need help, they can email us (theoretically). I also included the Rebecca Crown public library phone number, as well as a banner from the site, just to give the page a little bit more personality.

This hews pretty close to what I envisioned a "virtual learning commons" looking like. The way that the three of us are able to edit the same piece of work at the same time is a huge plus, and comes with a ton of great potential for quicker communication.

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